A day…

Not every Kindergartener gets to hold their baby brother during morning circle time.

Or wear a princess dress for handwriting (while mommy folds laundry and sister builds magnatiles).

And not many Kindergarteners get to go barefoot at recess.  Or pick enormous dandelions.  Or identify toadstools.  Or parade around the neighborhood with dolls and parasols.

(Not pictured: a huge fight about who was going to carry home the parasols, strollers, and dolls from barefoot, sunlight delight recess.  Hint: it ended up being the same person who folded laundry during handwriting).


Rainy Day Recess

Our first week of homeschooling was met with glorious weather.  Today was not so glorious.  But we still made it out for some rainy day play at a nearby playground.  I’m so glad my kids are pretty weatherproof.  Patrick hung out in the carrier, and then fell asleep, rain suit and all.  Though I will admit, he wasn’t too gung ho at the beginning.