September 2016 Nature Table

This is our Nature Table for September, complete with St. Michael and the dragon.

2016-09-29 18.46.45.jpg

We often collect things on our Nature Walks and add them to our Nature Table.  Sea glass, spruce cones, sticks, bundles of dried grass, rose hips, leaves, seeds, bark, and interesting rocks (and uninteresting rocks) have all been carefully placed on our display scene at one time or another.  Also included in our little tableau are things that I have sewn, crafted, or collected, such as the toadstools, pumpkins, apples, and little figures here.  I have also started painting Catholic Saint peg dolls, and put these up to correspond with that saint’s feast day.  At the end of every month, I unceremoniously dump the found natural items in the yard and switch out any others that need replaced with the next month’s treasures.