A day…

Not every Kindergartener gets to hold their baby brother during morning circle time.

Or wear a princess dress for handwriting (while mommy folds laundry and sister builds magnatiles).

And not many Kindergarteners get to go barefoot at recess.  Or pick enormous dandelions.  Or identify toadstools.  Or parade around the neighborhood with dolls and parasols.

(Not pictured: a huge fight about who was going to carry home the parasols, strollers, and dolls from barefoot, sunlight delight recess.  Hint: it ended up being the same person who folded laundry during handwriting).


First Day


Today was out first official day of homeschooling.  R had her first day of Kindergarten!  It was, surprisingly, an absolutely delightful day.  Picture perfect.  I couldn’t have scripted it better myself.

We are following the Mater Amabilis program, which is a free online week-by-week plan for a Catholic Charlotte Mason education.  It looked so incredibly overwhelming, but everyone said “just do it and see” and so far, it looks perfect for us.

Today’s schedule consisted of Morning Time, Handwriting (cursive), Math (connect the dots and write out dates 1 – 7 in our blank September calendar), Nature Walk/Recess (where we serendipitously met up with another homeschooling family in our neighborhood), picnic lunch on the porch, Phonics (sing ABC song, identify magnet letters, clap syllables), Spanish (pick out a few pictures from the Spanish word book for Mommy to stumble over the pronunciation of), Rest Time, Literature (Peter Rabbit), and Glow (an extracurricular Praise and Worship chorus run by another homeschooling mom at a church in town).  All interspersed with coloring, playing, picking sugar snap peas, laughing at Patrick, negotiating with Allison, and just generally having a wonderful day.  It was idyllic.  And I’m putting it all up here because of that–because I know there will be many, many days that are far, far from idyllic, and I will need to remember this golden day and how amazing this homeschooling life can be.