Nature Group

Our island is small.  Small enough that there no homeschool co op groups.  But large enough that there are quite a few homeschoolers, and we are blessed to be friends with many of these amazing families.

In an effort to burn excess kid energy, talk with other adults, have Rachel realize she isn’t the only homeschooler on the planet, and spend more time outside, I have started a weekly Nature Group for the homeschoolers here.  I led a more fast paced hiking group last year (until pregnancy complications stopped that) but I wanted something slower and more open ended.  It’s more like a Nature Stroll.  Or a Nature Stop-and-taste-the-rose-hips sort of event.

For our first outing, we started out walking, then standing at the view point and looking at what we thought were whales but turned out to be rocks, then playing on the old cannon, then meandering down a trail while the kids darted off to climb bunkers.  We ended at a grove of spruce trees that just begged to be climbed, too.  Nature Walk turned into Nature Play and it was exactly what I hoped for them all.