One Small Square: Tundra


Rachel found the One Small Square: Tundra book at the library and said, “Mommy, can we get this one?  This one looks good.”  And so we did.  Mother of Divine Grace does  not do a formal science study for Kindergarten or First Grade, reasoning that getting them to read, write, and understand basic math is a hurdle in and of itself, especially while chasing after other small children.  Which is all true, to be sure.


Allison, of course, wanted to do a diorama too.  And wouldn’t you know, this all came about the morning after Steve took the carload of recycling out!  Thankfully, I found a small box and all was well.  She cut out her flowers and sun herself, as well as drew the flowers.


However, whenever Rachel has “compared schooling notes” with her public school friends, she laments over the lack of science.  She has no idea what science is, exactly, but knows emphatically that “It sounds fun.  They learn about birds and rocks and animals.”  So we happily added Nature Study back into our daily plan.  I had been intending to make Nature Study part of our homeschool once I got our rhythm and general plan with MODG nailed down, and I honestly love Nature Study, too!


Allison was delighted by her flying snow goose.  Each girl picked out the animals she wanted to add to her diorama.  Allison also has a caribou, three lemmings, and a snowshoe hare(I assume it’s named Rosie).


We read a few pages from One Small Square: Tundra each day, and talked more about anything on the page Rachel or Allison had interest in.  I did find a BBC: Earth video clip of an arctic fox catching a lemming and she got a kick out of that.  We finished the book two days ago, and worked for the past two days on a diorama.  I had Rachel pick what season on the Tundra she wanted to depict.  She selected summer because she wanted there to be flowers, but that morphed into spring because both girls requested baby animals for the diorama, too.


Rachel, of course, then also wanted an airborne snow goose.  However, she also requested a mommy snow goose, baby snow geese, and pond to accompany the flying father.


Blessedly, Patrick took a long nap today (so, like, an hour) and I was able to sit with the girls and draw and cut and help them paste their animals into their dioramas.  We were just about finished placing Allison’s flowers when he woke up.  Since the wind chill was 0* F when I woke up this morning it seemed a good day to work on our tundra study.  Next week we will begin One Small Square: Pond.  And they are already excited to do another diorama.


Rachel’s diorama includes the aforementioned snow geese, a ptarmigan with chicks, a snowshoe hare turned brown for the summer, two lemmings, as well as a few flowers that she did totally on her own.  She was amazed at my drawing skills and wanted to know if I had taken lessons!  Quite flattering.


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