Art Study

Mother of Divine Grace includes Art Study as part of their Kindergarten program.  We do it about two times per week and it generally takes 2 – 10 minutes.  The syllabus includes all sorts of ideas for how to “study” the art pieces–matching, describing in many ways, telling a story about the piece, etc.  Occasionally, observation skills are built by having the student copy the piece.

Here is “George Washington on a White Charger.”


Here is Rachel’s rendition.  She worked on this for 25 minutes straight!


On a side note, I find it galling (to put it mildly) that Donald Trump is now in the same lineup of Presidents that includes George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and FDR.  How is it that Republican Party has gone from Abraham Lincoln to Trump in 150 years, anyway??? Every morning during our intercessory prayer time, Rachel prays that God changes Donald Trump’s heart so that he is nice to people.



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