We didn’t do school today


Rachel took the white board and dry erase markers and carefully copied out the print and cursive letters from her alphabet chart that hangs next to her seat at the little table.  I am actually really impressed both at the initiative and legibility!

We didn’t do school today.  Or yesterday.  Or Monday.  I generally aim for 4 days per week of “school” but sometimes…recovery from a long trip, snow, or a sick sister get precedence.  I took these pictures of Rachel’s projects today, though, to remind myself that learning is happening, even when I’m not directing it.



This “snow castle” is from Tuesday, but Rachel built a structure similar to it today on her own in the yard


Rachel dressed herself and then Patrick up as elves and Steve was King Gnome and I was the Elf Queen. Even better, she put her “fancy” shoes back on the shelf when she was done without being prompted!


Rachel invited me to create this scene with her on Allison’s dresser


I asked her to make a card for her friend’s upcoming birthday, and she did…with sparkle.


Unprompted, Rachel unpacked her crayons and watercolors and painted the mountain we see from our dining room window, half covered in snow with the “glow of the sunset on top, see, Mommy?”


We read 4 chapters from our latest Read Aloud book. I love this one as much as she does!


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