Every night as I am cleaning up from dinner (or after if I forget!) I pack the girls’ lunches.

Yes, we homeschool, and my kids use lunchboxes every day.

This has been a lifesaver.  We often go out in the mornings after Patrick’s brief micro nap, and invariably the laundry needs moved along, Patrick needs to nurse, and dozen other things need doing, too, as soon as we remove our multiple layers and sodden boots.  So now, lunch preparation is one less thing in that rush.

Basically, the girls now eat the lunch, and I generally pick it.  I will ask them if they would like this kind of sandwich or that kind of sandwich, or do they want this stew for leftovers or not, or do they want carrots or peas for a vegetable, etc.  And sometimes, it’s a complete surprise when they open their lunchboxes!  I even include the necessary silverware.

Because we DO homeschool, and we DO eat at home, I DO make allowances.  As in, I will, upon polite request, dump out the noodles and cheese and heat those up.

This has been a game changer for us!

Now the hardest part is finding space in the fridge for two lunch boxes amidst the cauliflowers, yogurts, and leftover stew, which is what Patrick and I will have for lunch.  The girls elected to have cheese slices and pretzels tomorrow.  And I snuck in some carrot sticks.


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